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Valentin Testimonials

Sharon Hudson – Brackenhurst Veterinary Hospital

“Being old dogs their breath started getting a bit stinky so we used Valentin Fresh Breath in their water and within a few days I could smell the difference. So now every time I change their water, I add in the Valentin water Additive Fresh breath.”

Jolene Nienaber

“The Product works amazing! After several years and vet bills later we have sorted out the constant itching and scratching. No mess no fuss! Our dog, Juliet just loves the taste and its all natural.” Jolene Nienaber

Pet Chefs – Les Offwood

“I’ve always preferred providing my dog with holistic food and treatment, so much so that I’ve even based a whole business around providing it for other people. I’ve had numerous customers complain about stress and anxiety in their beloved dogs and I’ve never received such positive feedback as I have with the Valentin Stress & Anxiety relief remedy. I frequently get customers coming in to tell me that this is the only product that they’ve tried that’s worked, and they would definitely recommend it over any other stress and anxiety remedy on the market. And they also prefer the 100% natural ingredients, as it doesn’t leave their dogs feeling lethargic the next day, as other OTC calming pills do. Valentin Stress & Anxiety Relief is definitely a winner in my books and my stores!” Les Offwood

Attie Jansen van Vuuren

“We were having issues with our dogs, Bella and Ragga’s skin and coats. It was a terrible combination of too oily but dry, and all of them had patches of missing hair and hard, almost calloused skin. We tried them on various products that promised everything but delivered nothing. We were almost about to give up when we heard of the Valentin Skin and Coat & Hot Spot remedies, and in a last ditch effort, we tried it. The difference has been phenomenal! Bella and Ragga has gone from having patchy coats and itchy skin to being healthy and happy. Their coats have never been as silky-smooth as they are now and the bare patches of hard skin have started growing hair again. They love the peanut butter flavour and never say no to the remedy. And we have peace-of-mind knowing that our dogs are enjoying a happy life due to your all-natural product! Thank you so much!” Attie Jansen van Vuuren

Bruce Goss

“Our dog, Minnie, was no bigger than my hand when we adopted her. She was so small and fragile and had barked her voice away at the shelter trying to get someone’s attention. We took her home and she instantly became the light of our lives. She was so playful and loving, just the sweetest dog you could ever meet. Her breath was always a bit smelly but we always overlooked that because of her amazing personality. Then one day after a few days of eating with lang tande, we noticed that her breath was almost too much to handle. We looked at her teeth and saw that there was so much plaque build-up! We felt so terrible for not thinking that this could be an issue but we knew that we had to do something to help our gorgeous Minnie. And then we saw your Valentin Oral Care range on Facebook and we knew that this was going to help. We treated the plaque for 30 days with the Valentin Oral Gel. After a few days of using it, Minnie was eating like she was before and her breath had improved so much! We’ve continued on with the Valentin Oral Care Water Additive because it’s so easy to use and we treat her with the Gel every now and then. We just wanted to thank you for your amazing product and let you know that we are whole heartedly telling all our family and friends about them! ” Bruce Goss

Kevin Coetzee

“We are so happy to have found Valentin Tick & Flea spray for our dog, Gizmo. We were using a drop on him but we started to see that Gizmo had built up a tolerance to it and wasn’t getting the protection that he needed. We wanted to go for a natural product because Gizmo’s skin can be quite sensitive. We’ve used treatments that have made him break out in rashes! We were very pleased with how quickly the product provided protection from the pests and that the product didn’t cause any discomfort to his skin. Thanks for your wonderful product! We will definitely be recommending it to our friends and family!” Kevin Coetzee

Daan Nel

“Dippy was a highly agitated dog due to his sensitive skin. He had dry patches at the back of his legs, underneath his tummy and was constantly scratching. I started using the Valentin Skin & Coat in Conjunction with Valentin Hot Spot Spray and in two weeks noticed that his fur had re grown over the spots on his legs and underneath his tummy. Since using Valentin his coat looks silky smooth and shiny and he is a much happier dog due to the constant itching that has stopped. He is now much more sociable and enjoys people's attention. I would definitely recommend Valentin Health Products for dogs that struggle with the same symptoms.” Daan Nel